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brother strang
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Xanders could have cum just from the way his unyielding erection brushed against his garments as he made his way into the temple. Elder Xanders took it in his hand, amazed at how long and thick his shaft was. His body, however, betrayed his will as each point of contact between fingers and flesh shot sparks directly to his crotch. The temple patrons took him in and brought him to a room to change. The older man was amazed by how well the boy was doing.

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With every manipulation of his butt and hole, he lost himself in his pleasure.

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As he entered the next room, he was bathed in bright white light. Xanders did his best to contain his expressions, not wanting to appear to enjoy this too much. Taking his cock out of his mouth, Brother Strang pulled his cock through his garments, resting it on the crotch of Elder Xanders while he reached for the oil. The boyish young man found himself easily distracted, unable to focus on anything but the hope of being summoned back to the temple.

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