Beautiful curvy women tumblr

beautiful curvy women tumblr
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Here's are some things fashion magazines could take from Tumblr. One look at the countless photos tagged "curvy" or "plus" turns up more bodies of all shapes and sizes rarely seen on a magazine's glossy pages. At long last, the 'white-out' years that have chilled the heart of the industry appear to be on the way out. You're a curvy African-American girl attending high school in suburbia. And then there are lesser-known heroes. But there are other beautiful stars inspiring young women who rarely get cover spots. That might mean tall, short, big boobs or wide hips, or small ones too.

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Maisie. Age: 20.
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Most importantly, she would have a space to see other people who look like her, outfits tailored toward people similar to her and a community to embrace her.

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Lilian. Age: 28.
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She could post a picture of a few items she has in her closet and ask, "How do I style these items together? But as Amanda Czerniawski, assistant professor of sociology at Temple University, wrote in her book Fashioning Fat: Inside Plus-Size Modeling, that inclusion is still rare, and the body types are still limited. On the other hand, ethnic and cultural diversity abound on Tumblr.

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