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lustomic i can make you a sissy
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Linda said is he into smelly knickers and I said the dirty the better. How I Use My Sissy Husband Womens Perspective I married a sissy man, we where dating and after a few months he confessed to me that he like to wear ladies clothes and be humiliated and dominated at first I was a little shocked but I let him bring his clothes to my house and I really got into it. This is working out great except one day he was sent home with a sealed letter from my friends house and when I opened she wrote to ask would it be ok for her to punish him for anything like bad or slow work. Now 4 weeks later my husband starts his day at 7am get shaved and breakfast get ready for work it only take him about 10 minutes to the work to start a 7. She said that she would love to see him in his gear so we arrange the following Saturday night for her to come round to my house I never told my husband. I then ask my friend what the jobs entailed and she said that as the home was not that large only 20 residence each room had a en-suite so each would have to be cleaned and bed pans empty all the bedroom and common areas cleaned etc etc.

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Turned to him and asked would you smelly the knickers and he answered yes please, we just looked at each other and Lynda said what a pervert.

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lustomic i can make you a sissy

I stood back and watched the look on my friends face was magic as she stood and stared him up and down. The other job is laundry washing and ironing sheets etc and personal clothes of the residences, I then said that would be fun for you slave smelling all the old ladies knickers, we again bust out laughing. Lynda asked slave boy if all his list of chores where finished and he answered that he still had some ironing to do, she shouted at him you better get on with it then but first bring us another bottle of wine.

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