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She has absolutely no experience and she's sucking my cock like a pro! Although she felt herself go even redder than she was before, Wendy did not reject Natsu's advances. At times, Wendy felt as though sex was an escape from the daily frustration Natsu felt at living alone with her in the forest, deprived of friends or any real goal. Although Wendy was clumsy and inexperienced, she tried her hardest to follow Natsu's lead, resting her hands on his muscular chest. Although he never once hurt her or did anything to discomfort her in all the time she had known him, Wendy could tell when he was angry at something. A guild without Natsu was… something akin to a building without it's support beams, as awful of an analogy as that was. Bringing her to the point of a climax, Wendy arched her back in pleasure as she came with Natsu, his hot load filling her to the brim as they stood in the centre of the river for a moment to catch their breath.

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First order of business, you will never treat me or my wife in the manner you have today.

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Shall I continue with the story? She worried about him daily, the idea that he was suffering from some internal conflict making her heart ache. Still, my house is a little small for the four of us, including Happy and Charle, especially if we wanted to start a family, Natsu thought. I've told Happy to go home with Lucy tonight, so we won't have to worry about anyone else killing the mood.

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