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peridot dancing gif
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The resulting fusion from this dance is Alexandrite. Ruby then swings Sapphire into the air while spinning, fusing once again. Pearl's dance is elegantly precise while Amethyst dances a bit wilder and more suggestive, and the two run towards each other near the end. In response, Garnet does a rhythmic hand-based dance, followed with hip swaying and running her hands along the profile of her hair, matching Pearl's sensual elegance. Garnet then walks forward as Amethyst rushes towards her and jumps into Garnet, turning them into Sugilite.

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peridot dancing gif

Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.

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When they fuse in " Know Your Fusion " and " Back to the Kindergarten ", they simply grab each other's hands to fuse. Afterwards they hold each other's arms while Garnet pulls Pearl down. Their fusion theme is " Enticement ". A dance is not entirely necessary for fusion to occur: fusion can also occur when the two participants share a moment of profound emotional unity, such as attacking an enemy as one or bonding over similarities.

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