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He seemed like a genuinely good person and he was very good-looking, so you thought your date might actually work out. He was a couple of stairs above you so he seemed to tower over you with his height when he did that, and you realized you never really noticed how tall and handsome Jungkook was. You wondered how you managed to forget kissing a man like this. You meant everything you said. You drank and got to talk to strangers about everything other than the topics you wanted to avoid with your friends. Was the world against you today or what?

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Riley. Age: 20.
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Jungkook stopped walking and turned around to give you a questioning look before he turned his back on you and started moving again.

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Jazmin. Age: 25.
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Kissing Jungkook seemed like closure enough. Have you really forgotten an entire conversation with Jungkook? As your hand roamed the huge shopper bag, you cursed yourself for not thinking about keys before you grabbed the large box.

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