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Her nudity might not have been essential to the plot of either film, but the way she displayed herself was both performative and pioneering. Yet she plays the act with grace and poise, and an all-knowing grin that says she's smart enough to know the difference between them and her. Mobsters, bank robbers, whistleblowers—these were the heroes of 70s films. The ease with which she inhabits her naked body onscreen is practically a blueprint for future generations of actresses. It's a complicated role—Honey is a stripper, then a wife, then a junkie, then a mother, then a relapsed junkie. Her nuanced facial expressions and the way she holds glances with Hoffman give her performance a lived-in quality.

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She spent time as a child in a convent in Japan, and her army-brat teenage years included stops in Paris and Rome.

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Tropez in nothing but a G-string, she had no hangups about her body. The only problem was that Perrine was too good a dancer. She was in the same situation a year later for Steambath , where she was the lone female in a sauna that's really a waiting room for heaven. No one represents this ideal more than Valerie Perrine, an actress who remains one of the most underrated talents of the 70s.

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