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It may take awhile to finish, but itll get there eventually. I test each to make sure each new bit works but sometimes a new bit will mess with an old bit and I just will not know about it. Just let me know about them, there is a discussion just for that, and Ill do my best to fix the bug as quickly as possible once it is pointed out to me. Being a Pro To go from quickies in the glow of the radiation to becoming a professional you must ask James Garret at the Atomic Wrangler Casino located in Freeside to be your pimp. Fallout: New Vegas - Animated Prostitution 0.

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Fallout: New Vegas - All that is necessary for a good war!

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Fallout - New Vegas: Animated Prostitution unlocked

The probably cause of this is bad meshes on your side. Try reinstalling the Rude Body package, overwriting all files, then reinstalling Animated Prostitution, and be sure to overwrite the files. I recommend downloading and installing the R18 Rude Body Pack V3 OSBR package first which is in the optional downloads section, then having a play around with other bodies until you find one that is compatible and fits your tastes. If there are any Jedi Modders out there who are fealing the temptation of the dark side, give us a call.

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