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Chris Mears suffered a burst spleen and lost five pints of blood during training in Sydney. I just floated along without ever concentrating much on anything I did. Symptoms of an enlarged or even ruptured spleen include abdominal pain but the severity of the pain depend on how badly the spleen has ruptured and how much blood has leaked out from the organ. Soppy as it is, it is true. Rectocele and enterocele - These conditions occur mostly in women. People can also experience pain in the left shoulder.

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Watch Jack Laugher and Chris Mears win Team GB's first ever Olympic diving gold in Rio The teenager had been suffering with undiagnosed glandular fever and the pressure organs pushed his spleen to the point where it ruptured.

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He was given a splenectomy - where the spleen is removed from the body. However, after he had surgery and was discharged from hospital he suffered a seizure which put him back in hospital and in a coma for three days. The diver won a gold medal alongside his partner Jack Laugher in the Olympic 3m synchronised springboard. The condition can be life threatening because it causes severe internal bleeding, which can cause the body to go into shock or place pressure on other organs.

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