How to doggy position

how to doggy position
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It doesn't have to be just a whole lot of thrusting and pounding. So how do you mix up a sex style you may know pretty well? And it's extra hot when you can see how much your partner is enjoying it. Hey, it's the best sex position for hitting the G-spot , so you may as well keep doing it. It has a little "you and me baby, we ain't nothing but mammals" vibe. I'm just saying that it's not an ideal position for communication, but if you're good at saying what you want in the moment, then totally go for it. If you're there for a while, then things can get a little creaky.

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Check out our video on sex positions for small penises:.

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7 Tips For Doggy Style, The Best Sex Position For Hitting The G-Spot

Here are seven tips to customize your doggy style. If during doggy, you go down onto your elbows and then basically lie down use a pillow under your hips; it helps , then you get a lot of the benefits, but it's a little less intense and a little more close. Whether you're going for modified or regular doggy, it's a great position for dirty talk , especially when the giving partner can get really close to the receiving partner's ear. There's a variation out there for everyone.

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