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Trading shot for shot, the nude fighters at Female Fight Club taste leather! Next we have the wrestler ladies from south of the border at CLFEM as they battle it out in the squared circle. Let's jump into the fray and see what's up this month! You will be able to find their stories and thousands more from over the years in our story section. Over at Fight Pulse , the ladies and men go all out in mat combat. What a great year of sampler pics and video previews from all over the world of female combat sports! Sexy topless cat masked ring action is up next with the gals at Russian Women Wrestling.

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Andi. Age: 25.
seeking femfight

As always, don't forget to send them feedback if they have left their email addresses on their pages as they would lover to hear back from you about their stories.

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Ryan. Age: 26.
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I have to keep this pre-amble much shorter than previous months as I just got out of hospital 2 week stay for a broken femur and I don't trust my writing skills while under the happy fuzzy embrace of some really good pain meds. Meanwhile, over at Defeated Sexfights , it's slippery when wet as the women get oiled up for fighting! And finally, but not least, the gals from down south of the borders are in full wrestling combat inside the squared circle.

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