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Actually fuck sorting socks, just buy all your socks in the same color. Night owls are more likely to be single. Is it because you have bad experiences with men related to trauma or because these kinds of desires have been ingrained into you? CanaJane Kind of a rare pair but not really. Kind of a rare pair but not really. Put a sorting station right where your mail arrives. Boring sure, but also one less thing to do, which means more time to hyper fixate on fun things.

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Harlee. Age: 20.
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Realize you only actually have two real letters that need attention, feel less overwhelmed, pay your bills on time.

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Thalia. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I pick one or more conventionally attractive men in the room, and try to force myself to be attracted to them. Mail ends up spread out over every available flat surface? No one else can make it for you. Clothes are now miraculously finding their way into the hamper???

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