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Damaged or traumatized roots require time and a bit of TLC, to heal. Do this in several spots around the root ball, to encourage root growth in all directions. If you place a pot-bound plant into the ground or into another pot without first loosening the balled up roots, they will continue to grow in a circle, rather than reaching out into the soil, developing and anchoring the plant. Do this just before you are ready to plant. Many plants we bring home from the nursery have been growing in the same pot for months.

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They look fine on top, but when you slide the plant out of its container, the roots are a circling, tangled nest.

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Loosening also known as teasing or tickling the roots before planting in the ground will allow you to spread the roots out in all directions, so they will branch out in the soil and form a good foundation for the plant. It may seem harsh, but the plant will send out new feeder roots and should soon recover. Very often they will begin to float apart, making it easier for you to work the remainder of roots apart with your hands.

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